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Two evenly-matched teams took to the pitch and the Eagles provided the thrills ... Read more


Can you spell F-A-S-T? The Eagles not only can spell it, they can run it ... Read more


The Eagles, who played the game primarily in their defensive end, kept the ... Read more


The Eagles improved to 4-1 with a 9-0 blanking over Oxford Hills at the Norway CC ... Read more

Late Breaking Scores


FIELD HOCKEY: Skowhegan 8 - MTA 0

Other Late Breaking Scores


GIRLS SOCCER: Camden Hills 11 - MTA 2

FOOTBALL: MTA 6 - Noble 0


Sept 15, 2017 - Eagles Battle CHills to 1-1 Tie in Double OT

Two evenly-matched teams took to the pitch and the Eagles provided the thrills and Camden Hills provided the CHills. It was a game filled with infractions as both teams played aggressively with plenty of physical contact, holding, arm wrestling, and shirt grabbing. In this kind of game, Coach Rioux was using his whole bench and keeping fresh legs in the game, which eventually tilted the field in the Eagles favor in the second half and the two overtime periods.

Gavin Patterson goes horizontal in the goal
Ryan Rethi chases down a loose balGavin Patterson goes horizontal in the goal

The Eagles threatened first when Travis Nadeau had a free kick from 35 yards. He sent a pass to Dalton Streeter, who blasted a shot wide. Then the Eagles were awarded a couple of corners. The first one was cleared and the second one was saved by CHills keeper Lucas Boetsch.

At the other end, the Windjammers took advantage of their first penetration into Eagle territory when Ben Owre raced down the far sideline, turned the corner, and sent a low grass cutter that he tucked just inside the far post to give the Chills a 1-0 lead.

A little over a minute later, Travis Nadeau left the game after a violent collision. It appeared to be a knee injury, and Coach Rioux wisely sat Travis out the rest of the way. Hopefully the injury isn't that serious and Travis was seen standing on his own power with no ice, so it appears he will be OK. A minute later, Ethan Rac had another violent collision with the Windjammer keeper, Lucas Boetsch, but it was a case of jungle ball (no harm, no foul).

Both teams kept going at it. Camden was leveraging their keeper, whose big leg was sending ball 50-60 yards, on midfield free kicks to create scoring threats just like the Eagles were using Dalton Streeter's throw-ins and Max Spelke corners to threaten. After a Gavin Patterson booming clear, Ethan Rac was in a foot race and had a partial breakaway before the Camden defender cut down the angle and broke up the play. At 15:03, the Eagles were awarded a penalty kick for an infraction inside the box. Dalton Streeter took the kick and converted easily as Boetsch went left and Dalton went right. The game was tied at 1-1.

Sebastian Scherry controls the ball mid-air
Sebastian Scherry controls the ball mid-air

At the 12-minute mark, Eagle keepers Gavin Patterson came way out of his net to break up an attack with a sliding tackle, quickly recovered, and ventured even further out to make another save on the rebound. With 2:30 left, Max Spelke intercepted a clearing pass, executed a quick side step, and then rifled a shot that Boetsch smothered. The half ended with the score tied 1-1.

In the second half, the Eagles gradually took control. Dalton Streeter's throw-ins were creating potential opportunities, but Camden's tight checking was keeping the Eagles front line in check. The Eagles best chance came when Max Spelke send a free kick in from the sideline. Nick Merrill lined the ball up on the far side, climbed the ladder, and headed what appeared to be a perfectly placed shot destined for just inside the near post. But CH's keeper Boetsch came out of nowhere with a diving save to knock the ball just wide. Sebastian Scherry, who played well all night, created a scoring op when he hustled and deked his way past two defenders along the end line and centered a pass that led to an MTA corner. Max sent another inbound pass that Nick Merrill again got his head on, but this time his shot went high. As clocked ticked down, the Eagles continued to pressure. Mason Brigham moved the ball nicely through the midfield and set up Elias Theberge for a strong shot that sailed high. With 30 seconds remaining, Dalton Streeter set up Max Spelke for a long shot that Max pushed wide and the game went into OT.

The pace of the game picked up in the OT periods. Max Spelke reversed direction and released a hard shot, but Boetsch made a nice save by the near post. Boetsch then took a free kick from midfield and sent it to the Eagles box where Mason Brigham alertly headed it out. That led to a Camden corner, which bounced through the goal mouth area and then out of bounds on the far sideline. With 1:30 left, Dalton Streeter sent a free kick from midfield deep into the corner where Mason Brigham chased it down at the end-line and made a seemingly impossible centering pass in front. Cole Kelly was cutting across the goal mouth with a Camden defender draped all over him. Cole managed to get his foot on the ball, but couldn't get the shot on net. The Eagles kept the pressure on and, with under a minute remaining, Max Spelke had a free kick that appeared to be partially deflected and his shot towered high.

The game went into the second OT where the Eagles had two solid chances. First Hayden Libby made a nice move along the left sideline, beat his man as he turned the corner and sent a threatening centering pass/shot to the goal. The Camden keeper came out of his net to make a nice save. Then with a minute remaining, after good pressure from Max, Cole Kelly, and Elias Theberge, the Eagles were awarded another corner. Max Spelke set up for the kick. Everyone knew he was looking for Nick Merrill. Nick elevated over two Camden defenders and somehow managed to get his head on the ball. He directed it goalward, but it soared high and time expired.

Both teams left the field satisfied. A win would have been nice, but a loss would have been heartbreaking.


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Sept 13, 2017 - Eagles Blast Past Dragons, Shipbuilders

Can you spell F-A-S-T? The Eagles not only can spell it, they can run it. Both the Boys and the Girls made it look as easy as 1-2-3 in a tri-meet vs neighboring Morse and Brunswick. The race was held at Mere Creek Golf Course, where not only are the greens fast, but the gently-rolling course also yields fast times. Thirty Eagles runners ran PRs ranging from 15 seconds to six minutes.

The importance of running a fast time (even on a fast course) can be tremendously motivational for future races, regardless of future course difficulty. Many of the barriers to faster times are psychological, and an actual fast time lowers those barriers. The athletes can also own the fast time. They ran it and no one later is asking them how difficult the course was. But enough of me bloviating. Let's get to the athletes.

Lisandro Berry-Gaviria takes the turn intothe woods in the lead
Katherine Leckbee, long and lean, smooth and strong, turns it on for the closing 600 meters

Katherine Leckbee was back in action after a one week hiatus. It was her first 5K of the season and she showed she is tip-top condition as she ran away from the field. Her time was not her PR, but it was better than her winning time in last year's KVAC Championship, which she won. If you know Katherine, you know the tougher the competition, the faster she runs. The freshmen gold dust twins, Camila (abc...xyz) Ciembroniewicz and Karlie Leighton continue to delight. Both Girls flirted with the 20 minute barrier in just their second varsity 5K. Camila improved her time by 1:45 and ran 20:01.84. Karlie was right on her heels, improving her time by 1:50 and coming in third in 20:10.97. Anna Pederson-Harbo, nursing a knee injury, came in 6th in 21:37. Sara York (9) and Katie Lynch (10) both ran solid races to finish in the Top Ten. Both girls are capable of improving throughout the season. The next wave of winged Eagles included Hope Langworthy (13), ever-improving Josie Miller (15), up and coming Jacki Brochu (17), and Fay O'Donnell (18), who is still exploring what she is capable of. Caitlin Chambers (20) trimmed two minutes off her previous best. Libby Boutin was smiling the whole way as she lopped a whopping 7:30 off her previous best. Emily Smith (26) knocked two minutes off her time and Emelia Barker was 1:40 faster than her previous best.

The tsunami of Eagle runners continued with Anna Jackson (30), Ella Carter (31), Lexie Thompson (34), Turkmenistan's own Marhabo Uzogova (35), and Zoe Stevenson (38) all ran downhill races. Cassie Kane (40) chopped 3:40 off her last race, Caroline Wheeler (43) sped her way to an incredible 6-minute improvement. Nellie Ickes-Coon (44) improved by a very impressive 4:30.


I kind of knew that the Girls had a strong cadre of young and solid runners, but, boy, have the Boys surprised me. Lisandro Berry-Gaviria is healthy and that means he is one of the top runners in the state. He showed it by finishing in first place, averaging 5-minute miles! The # 2 and 3 runners, who conveniently finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, are the biggest surprises. Sophomore Lucas Bergeron has really blossomed into a top-tier runner and Senior Devin Hoskins, a first year runner, has put his athleticism on center stage. The two battled to a photo finish with Lucas nosing out Devin by .27 hundredths of a second. Lucas bested his previous best by 1:10 and Devin continues his meteoric ascent as he lopped 2:10 off his previous best. Both these guys have high ceilings.

Jack Mathieu powers thru the first loop
Jack Mathieu powers thru the first loop

A little birdie told me that Freshman Nate Cohen was "a pretty good runner." I'll say! Nate finished 7th with a time of 18:11.19, an improvement of 1:30. Another freshman, Andrew Chamberlain, whom I coached for many years and many (30?) inches ago, looks like a runner, and more importantly, runs like a runner. Andrew had another solid race finishing in the Top Ten with a scintillating time of 18:39.68. Tyler Bernier, another blue chip athlete, came in 13th, easily cruising under 20 minutes with a time of 19:28.32. That's six runners running sub 20's this early in the season!

Matt Kenison and Jack Mathieu are two runners I admire. They have worked hard continuously through the years and have made themselves into very respectable runners. Matt finished 23rd improving his previous best by 2:20 with a time of 21:43.17 and Jack (25) was right behind in 22:07.94, an improvement of 2:30. Sophomore Jeffery Remis (22:09.41) was not remiss as he finished right behind Jack in his best time of the season by 3:20. Peter Neufeld (30), Tom Dau (31), Sam Gatchall, and Andrew Pulsifer all posted season best performances.

Finally, a special note about Nathan Ickes-Coon, who finished last, but nevertheless knocked two minutes off his time. Nathan is still learning how to pace himself and how to push himself, but his determination shines through. It is also heart-warming to see how his teammates celebrate his performance (not to mention how Nathan responds). It's nice to see his teammates support him during races, but it is important to note that they also take an active interest in helping him during practices. Such is the spirit and soul of the running community as Nathan likes to tell me (and Coach Fournier likes to tell him).

Shannon Harty gets tangled up with a Brunswick defender as she fights for the ball
Shannon Harty gets tangled up with a Brunswick defender as she fights for the ball

Sept 12, 2016 - Dragons Persist, Beat Eagles 4-0

The Brunswick Dragons remained undefeated with a 4-0 win over the visiting Eagles. The Eagles, who played the game primarily in their defensive end, kept the score within reach until the final 10 minutes of the game when Brunswick erupted for three goals.

The Dragons set the tone for the game in the opening minutes. They sent three long shots in on Eagles keeper Zoe Stilphen, who ended the afternoon with 14 saves. The Dragons added 10 more shots that were wide of the net.

The Eagles had the first opportunity at 34 minutes when Ryley Leech sent a corner kick to the goal. The Eagles applied pressure, but the Dragons eventually cleared the zone. At the 31-minute mark, Brunswick star Maeve Arthur went one on one against the Eagles Heather Gallant. It was an epic battle, as Maeve showed many of her deceptive moves only to be thwarted by Heather at every turn. Watching these Heather and Katelyn Hutchins battle Maeve and Lea Scarchansky battle each other throughout the game was a sight to behold.

The Dragons kept the attack going. A shot rung off the crossbar, but at 28:41 Lea Scrapchancsky converted an Emily LaRochelle pass to give the Dragons a 1-0 lead.

Zoe Stilphen kept the Eagles in the game with a series of saves, the first of which came when she came out of the net to break up Marley Groat. Her next save was the best of the afternoon as she robbed Maeve Arthur, who had broken through the Eagles defense. At 13:15, Zoe came out again and made a nice save and Jess Cloutier made a nice tackle in the box to prevent the Dragons from converting the rebound.

Zoe Stilphen comes out of the net to clear the ball from Brunswick's Marley Groat
Zoe Stilphen comes out of the net to clear the ball from Brunswick's Marley Groat

With 1:45 left in the half. Ryley Leech got the first Eagle shot on net that Dragon's net-minder Beth Labbe gobbled up. The Dragons had a chance to extend their lead to 2-0, but Arthur who had walked in alone, missed high.

The Eagles had to have felt fortunate to have this be a 1-0 game as they started the second half. They had a good chance when Kyla Greenleaf made a nice run down the right sideline and head-manned the ball to Ema Hawkes. Ema sent a crisp centering pass to the goal mouth, but there was no one to collect it.

Zoe Stilphen made a couple more big saves as she held the post on a hard shot and slid right to left to make a diving save on another shot. On the resulting corner, Kaitlyn Hutchins, who played well all afternoon, headed the ball out of trouble. There was a scary moment at 23:07 when Heather Gallant took a direct hit to the face. She was stunned momentarily, but we hope she is OK.

The Eagles had another chance when Ema Hawkes found Alexa Gurney driving to the net. Alexa felt the pressure and quickly released a hard shot, but keeper Labbe was equal to the task.

Lady luck continued to be on the Eagles side. At 21:37, the Dragons had a corner kick. First, they put a shot off the cross bar, followed by a shot off the post, and then watched the ball roll in front until Zoe batted it away. The Eagles luck faded away in the final ten minutes. Lea Scrapchansky moved in on Stilphen and froze her with a hard shot inside the near post.

The Eagles countered with a couple of chances. Alexis Gurney stole the ball outside the box and wheeled ans shot just wide. A minute later, Cora Spelke pirouetted and fired a shot that Labbe turned aside. The Dragons added two more goals by Arthur in the final minutes to complete the scoring.


Sept 7, 2017 - Eagles Out-shoot Vikings 9-0

The Eagles improved to 4-1 with a 9-0 blanking over Oxford Hills at the Norway CC. The Eagles are in mid season form with all the golfers breaking 50. Caleb Manuel led the way with a 36; Will Kavanaugh shot a 40, v=followed by cade Charron (41), Flynn Coffin (46), Ben Hickson (49), and Cam Galvin (49).


Sept 5, 2017 - Eagles Slay Dragons 2-0

It was the best of halfs; it was the worst of halfs. It was a Tale of two Rivals.

Kayleigh Temple sets on the defense

It's still early in the season, but the two cross-town rivals duked it in a well played game. It's been a while since Brunswick has picked up a victory vs the Eagles, but they have made steady improvements over recent past seasons. They came out intent on reversing the losing trend and they controlled play early, monopolizing field position. The Dragon defense prevented the Eagles from managing a single shot on net in the entire first half. And although the Dragons offense had multiple corners, they were not exactly peppering Eagles goalie, Emma Lapreziosa, with shots. And when their shots did register on net, Lapreziosa was there to stop them. Emma made a sprawling save just a minute and a half into the game that set the tone for the Eagles defense. Emma made another doozie of a save around the 12:30 mark. The Dragons kept pressuring, but the Eagles back line of Katie Trebilcock, Madelin Svetin, Fiona Hoang, Kayleigh Temple, and Maddy Stover were unrelenting with their checking.

The first half ended scoreless and the Dragons had to be feeling a bit frustrated.

The Eagles were a little late reporting for the start of the second half. Apparently Coach Chase had a few words to address her team. Whatever was said, the Eagles came out a different team in the second half. They took control right from the start. They were awarded several corners and Fiona Hoang was sending the ball in deep and Brea Holtet was battling for possession in the corners. The Eagles kept pressuring, but Brunswick was holding strong. At the 23 minute mark, Wyley Fitzpatrick received a nice pass along the sideline from Brea Holtet and outraced her first opponent and weaved through the next two before delivering a tough angle shot that the Brunswick goalie turned aside. But the dam had broken and the Eagles kept pouring in. Fiona Hoang had a shot that sailed high and wide. Finally, after some extended pressure in front, freshman Brynn Charron pounced on a loose ball and dented the back of the cage to give the Eagles a tenuous 1-0 lead with 16:56 left.

Brea Holtet carries the ball thru midfield
Brea Holtet carries the ball thru midfield

Whenever the Dragons tried to rally, the Eagles stole the play back. Wyley Fitzpatrick again put on a display of dribbling artistry as she deked her way down the sideline and sent a nice centering pass that just missed connections. A couple of minutes later, Hannah Huston did her best Wiley imitation when she took a Holly Temple (who was all over the field) pass and dribbled right down Broadway and released a high quality shot which required a great kick save. As the Eagles continued to overshadow the Dragons, you could see the air being drained out of Brunswick's spirit. Freshman Tegan Byrne put the final nail in the coffin with her second goal of the season. The Eagles had the tyranny of the clock on their side and they used it without any significant kickback from the Dragons.

Although it is early, it was a big win for the Eagles, who are now 2-0. The Dragons had to leave a little de-moralized, but they'll be back because they are a pretty good team. After a poor first half, The Eagles showed they can dominate. Although Wiley Fitzpatrick was held scoreless, don't think for a second that she didn't influence the outcome. The opposition are double and triple teaming her leaving her young teammates open and they are taking advantage of the opportunites while building their confidence.

Kudos to the Brunswick team and coaching staff for making and distributing wrist bands in honor of Maddy Stover's mom, Jocelyn, and getting permission from the MPA to wear them.


Sept 1, 2017 - Eagles Hang On, Beat Gorham 14-13

The opening game of the season was as exciting as a game can get. The two teams battled with the Eagles jumping out to a 14-0 lead before hanging on to win 14-13. Ryan Mello was the star of the game with two TDs. Mello was on the receiving end of a Cole Bryant aerial with a leaping catch in the corner of the end zone with one second left in the half. Garrett Moody added the extra point.

Mello electrified the crowd with a 57-yard punt return to give the Eagles a 13-0 lead with 8:40 left in the third quarter. Garrett Moody added the extra point, which turned out to be the game winner. Gorham came back with a TD in the third quarter and another in the final quarter. A missed extra point after the second TD was the difference in the game.

Aug 16, 2017 - Football Media Night - Meet the Team

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