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Isabel Burch scored a goal in the first half and the Eagles defense made it stand up ... Read more


It was Senior Night and Coach Rioux honored his ten soon-to-be graduating seniors ... Read more


Coach Fournier had her runners well prepped for the KVAC Championship ...Read more


It was a meaningless game to the Heal Point crowd, but there was a lot of pride ... Read more

Oct 21, 2016 - Tonight's Football Game vs Morse has been rescheduled to Saturday, Oct 22, 2016 at 6:00 PM. Senior Night Activities begin at 5:30

Oct 22, 2016 - Girls Soccer Game vs Brewer has a New Start Time and a New Location. The game will be played on Saturday, Oct 22 starting at 7:00 PM at Hampden Academy

Oct 22, 2016 - The Boys and Girls Regional Cross Country Meet has been postponed from Oct 22 to Oct 29. Other than that, same bat time, same bat channel


Oct 17, 2016 - Eagles Edge Mt Blue, 1-0

Isabel Burch scored a goal in the first half and the Eagles defense made it stand up. Kate Guerin earned the shutout and the Eagles secured a spot in the palyoffs. Coach Chard called the game the most complete that they have played all year. That is a good omen for the playoffs.

Ryan Rethi chases down a loose ball
Ryan Rethi chases down a loose ball

Oct 17, 2016 - Eagles Soar over Mt Blue, 3-0

It was Senior Night and Coach Rioux honored his ten sooner than you think graduating seniors and their families in a pre-game ceremony. Coach Rioux then trotted out his starting lineup that included Ryan Rethi, Gage Palmer, and Jacob Laurence up front. They gave Coach Rioux ten quality minutes of play before he subbed them out. He closed the game with a similar assortment of seniors and youngsters. And goalie Eliot Bowie, who has seen plenty of playing time up front, played the entire game in goal and recorded the shutout. It was the 9th shutout of the season for the Eagles. Once again, Cole Guerin, Nick Merrill, Dalton Streeter, and Jacob Sturgess played impeccable defense and formed an impenetrable wall in front of Eliot Bowie.

Senior Ryan Rethi created the first Eagles opportunity. Ryan made a Travis Nadeau-like move in the corner and came out with the ball and sent a centering pass in front that Cougars goalie Tucker Carleton cleared at the last moment. Kyle Brown, who played with reckless abandon all night, centered a pass from the corner. Jimmy P wound up - and missed - hey it happens! Max Spelke moved in and followed with a shot the went high and wide. At the 29 minute mark, Dalton Streeter started a series of his trademark throw-ins. On this occasion, Nick Merrill went up and headed the ball wide.

Ethan Rac turns the corner along the sideline
Ethan Rac turns the corner along the sideline

After Eliot Bowie made a couple of routine saves on long shots, Jacob Sturgess sent a long, looping pass toward the net. The arc of the pass gave Kyle Brown time to arrive at the goal mouth just as the ball arrived. Kyle went up and made contact with a high acrobatic kick, the Cougars Carleton tipped it wide. Travis Nadeau followed with run down the left and a blistering shot that veered wide. At the other end, Eliot Bowie came up with a nice save on a hard Mt Blue shot.

The Eagles kept pressuring. Max Spelke drilled a shot that clanged off the football cross bar. James Hutchinson headed a Dalton Streeter throw-in just high. The Cougars pushed the ball down the other end of the field, but their threat was stopped when Hayden Libby headed the ball out of trouble. The Eagles quickly moved the ball up field. There was a rugby like scrum in front of the Cougars net and Maximo Varela, who had just reported in and was perhaps the smallest guy on the field, out-muscled several opponents in the crowd to gain position, elevated, and headed the ball into the back of the net to give the Eagles a 1-0 lead with 9:21 remaining in the half. It was Maximo's first varsity goal.

At the 5-minute mark, Ethan Rac out-maneuvered his opponent in the corner and hit Jimmy P on the fly cutting toward the goal. Jimmy sizzled a grass cutter that just missed the far corner and was just beyond the reach of a crashing Hayden Libby. With 2:15 left, Travis Nadeau, who was working the right side, moving right to left, skimmed a hard shot right into the arms of Carleton. As the half wound down, the Eagles engaged in some impressive cross field ball movement. The sequence resulted in a pass inside to Cole Kelly, who blasted a shot that Carleton moved out to save.

Eliot Bowie initiates a quick outlet pass after making a save
Eliot Bowie initiates a quick outlet pass after making a save

In the second half, the Eagles moved to give themselves some breathing room and that's exactly what happened. Jacob Sturgess took control on the sideline and advanced the ball across midfield. He sent a perfect field-wide pass that found the foot of Kyle Brown on the right. Kyle pile-drived a shot past Carleton to make it 2-0 with 35:08 left. According to my stats, it was Kyle's first goal of the season, which is hard to believe because he has been such an offensive force all season long.

Around the 31-minute mark, Eliot Bowie came out to cut down the angle on a Cougar attacker and force a shot wide. At the other end, Jimmy P dropped a pass to Kyle Brown, who found James Hutchinson out front. James reached back and boomed a shot hard and high - very high. At the 29:25 mark, Kyle Brown showed why it always pays to hustle, even when the ball is on the other side of the field. This is especially true when Travis Nadeau has the ball. Kyle's all out hustle as he raced down the right sideline paid of when Travis sent a cross field pass. Kyle picked it up on the fly and wasted no time when he blasted a pinpoint shot that beat Carleton on the near side to give the Eagles a commanding 3-0 lead. Dalton Streeter and Max Spelke continued to create opportunities with the throw-ins and corner kicks. Nick Merrill had a couple of headers that missed wide. around the 16-minute mark, Kyle Brown, the Cougars Tucker Carleton, and the ball all arrived simultaneously at the goal mouth. Kyle went in the net, but the ball went out. Later, Kyle was looking for the hat trick and he almost got it. With an acrobatic move, he blasted a shot on which Carleton made a great save. Coach Rioux was again substituting in liberally. Gage Palmer unleashed a couple of rockets that soared high and Jacob Laurence had a nice run down the middle that was thwarted at the last moment by the Cougars Carleton.

The win, along with a Bangor Lewiston tie, solidified the Eagles third place seed for the playoffs.


Click here to see a season summary of each runners individual results.

Katherine Leckbee attacks the final 400
Katherine Leckbee attacks the final 400

Oct 15, 2016 - Eagles Shine at KVAC Championship

Coach Fournier had her runners well prepped for the KVAC Championship hosted by Cony. There were a boatload of outstanding performances in both the Varsity and JV races.

We'll start with Katherine Leckbee winning her first KVAC Cross Country Championship while leading the Girls to a fourth place finish. The Girls JV team finished in first place led by the individual winner, Fay O'Donnell. On the Boys side, the Varsity team podiumed with a third place finish led by Lisandro Berry-Gaviria, Cam Meier, and Eagan Eldridge. And Bailey Ruth led the JV team with a 3rd place finish.


Lisandro Berry-Gaviria appeared completely recovered from his nagging hamstring problems that have nagged him this season. He ran a smart race from start to finish and ended up breaking 17-minutes with an impressive 5th place finish. Eagan Eldridge and Cam Meier battled each other as well as the rest of the field. Cam edged out Eagan at the tape to finish 11th and 13th place respectively. Cam dipped under 18 minutes and Eagan ran 18 flat.

Tyler Bernier heading for the home stretch
Tyler Bernier heading for the home stretch

Another freshman, Lucas Bergeron, who has been underrated all season long, ran another strong race on the big stage with a 27th place finish in just over 19 minutes. Tyler Bernier (42) had his best race of the year running a PR to finish under 20 minutes. Aaron Hyde (43) ran a 20 flat and Colin Ingalls ran his best race of the season by 20 seconds to finish 75th and complete the scoring for the Eagles.

In JV action, Bailey Ruth finished 3rd with a season best time of 19:57. Matt Donovan (12), Josiah Langworthy (38), and Edwin Ickes-Coon (43) all ran well. Hunter Beebe, (49) Gideon Wheeler (53), and Tom Dau (68) all ran PRs. Steven Gerencer (70) and Colton Chubbuck (70), Mutt and Jeff battled to the end with Steven edging out Colton by a nano second.

Tim Cox, who played another stirring rendition of the National Anthem at the meet's start, came in 79th, followed by Cody Fee (86), Sam Gatchall (88), Jack Mathieu (97), Jeffrey Remis (98), Mark Abreu (110), Matt Kenison (124), Keegan Brown (142), and Nathan Ickes-Coon (158) all ran well.

Fay O'Donnell turns the corner
Fay O'Donnell turns the corner

The Girls finished 4th overall. Katherine Leckbee, who has a history of running her best races in the biggest races, did nothing to tarnish that reputation. Katherine led from start to finish an ran her best race of the season with a time under 20 minutes (19:44.20) and beat her long time nemesis, Anna Guadalupi from Cony by more than 25 seconds.

Sara York is another girl who runs best when it really counts. Sara ran a PR on a tough course to finish 19th. Katie Lynch (30), Emily Smith (32), and Josie Miller all ran near PRs. Rebecca French had a tough go of it (hey, it happens), but she'll bounce back at the Regionals next week. Senior Lindsey Papa ran a strong race finishing in 60th place to close out the scoring for the Eagles.

In the JV race, the Girls dominated with five finishers in the top 11. Fay O'Donnell had a break through race. She ran an intelligent, tactical race and displayed the potential she had previously shown. She overtook Maranacook's Sarah Halberstadt in the final 100 meters and held on to win in a photo finish. The Eagles kept pouring across the finish line. Cassie Kane (5) ran a PR and Anna Jackson (8) ran a near PR on a tougher course. Hope Langworthy and Caitlin Chambers finished 10th and 11th respectively. Zoe Stevenson (29), Nellie Ickes-Coon (43), and Caroline Wheeler (52) all ran swell races.

Oct 15, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Boys Varsity at KVAC's

Oct 15, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Boys JV at KVAC's

Oct 15, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Girls Varsity at KVAC's

Oct 15, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Girls JV at KVAC's


Oct 12, 2016 - Eagles Enjoy Last Hurrah with 2-0 win over Brunswick

Abby Malbon advances the ball through the midfield
Abby Malbon advances the ball through the midfield

It was a meaningless game to the Heal Point crowd, but there was a lot of pride on the line in the season finale between these two cross-town rivals. The fact that they were playing under the lights on the turf field at Bowdoin College only added to the excitement (and the drama). Brunswick was a gracious host with a nice pre-game ceremony honoring both their seniors and our seniors. Goals by senior Porter Galvin (in the first half) and Wiley Fitzpatrick (in the second half) and outstanding play by Senior goalie Haley Frizzle provided the Eagles with all the firepower and defense they needed.

The Eagles controlled play in the early going. The first goal came 7 minutes into the game that featured some good ball movement. Abby Malbon, working in the corner, started the play when she sent a ball in front. Wiley Fitzpatrick collected it and tapped it to Porter Galvin who banged it home. Four minutes later, Porter Galvin passed to Wiley Fitzpatrick who weaved her way to some open space and fired a shot that hit the near side of the cage. The Eagles kept the pressure on with a flurry of activity in front of the Dragon's net, but they couldn't get a clear shot.

At 12:45, Haley Frizzle made her first save of the night when the Dragons were awarded a Penalty corner. Brunswick had another Penalty corner a minute later and the Eagles defense, who played brilliantly all night, cleared the ball to midfield.

Fiona Huang drives a shot
Fiona Huang drives a shot

Magan Thomas-Copland (T-C) was playing sly as a fox and strong as an ox as she consistently intercepted Dragons passes and moved the ball up and down the field all night long. It's scary to think what this girl would have been done if she played on turf all year long.

The teams swapped scrums in front as the half wound down. Around the three-minute mark, Brunswick threatened with a barrage of shots. Haley Frizzle made a handful of saves including a leaping save that she batted out of the air. Nothing Ms Frizzle does surprises me anymore! The Eagles closed out the half by pressuring in front, but they could not get a shot off.

Brunswick came out with a little more determination in the second half. Three minutes in, Haley Frizzle made a bevy of saves on some tough shots in front, before the Eagles cleared. The Eagles had a good chance when Katie Trebilcock had a direct shot form the 25 and drilled a pass to T-C, who tipped it to Porter Galvin on the far post. Porter's shot missed just wide.

The Eagles 1-0 lead looked more and more tenuous as the Dragons stepped up their play. At 18 minutes, the Dragons were awarded a Penalty corner (which there were very few of up to this point), but Alana Weaver anticipated the pass and carried the ball on the run to midfield. Play moved up and down the field. The Eagles had a great chance when T-C broke in from midfield and outraced her defender. Her shot was blocked, but there's nothing more athletic than the grace, speed, and power of T-C at full gallop. At the other end, Haley Frizzle came up with a big save, but the ball squirted loose. Once again, the defensive phalanx of Lauren Secone, Maddison Stover, Maia Carlson, and Thalia Couture cleared the ball from danger.

Clear the track - Magan Thomas-Copland on the fly
Clear the track - Magan Thomas-Copland on the fly

With 10 minutes left, the Dragons really started to apply the pressure. Haley Frizzle responded with a combination of cool aggressiveness. She made a big save, and then the Dragons were awarded a Penalty corner. Alana Weaver stepped in with another big interception and cleared the ball out of trouble. After another Frizzle save, the Dragons were awarded four consecutive Penalty corners. No problem. Haley kicked them out one after the other. The Eagles finally cleared the ball the length of the field (only happens on turf). After an Eagles Penalty corner went amiss, Abby Malbon controlled in the corner. She got the ball back to Fiona Huang, who wound up for an incoming shot. T-C provided the screen and Wiley Fitzpatrick blasted her shot past the Dragon's Libby Felkey to give the Eagles a little breathing room with a 2-0 lead with 5:16 left.

With 4:18 left, Brunswick called a time out. Whatever the coach communicated, it was effective as the Dragons came out with a new sense of determination. There was plenty of action in front of the Eagles' cage. With 1:36 left, Laura Secone made a play that demonstrates the defensive teamwork that the Eagles have displayed all year. Haley is an aggressive goalie and sometimes she gets caught out of her net, but there was Laura on the goal line, making the save and preserving the shutout.

The win avenged an earlier loss to the Dragons. Both teams finished with 5-9 records. There was a big Mt Ararat crowd at the game.


Oct 8, 2016 - Eagles Runners-Up at State Championship

It came down to a tie-breaker to determine the Class A State Champions. The Eagles were led by Caleb Manuel who shot a 73 and Cam Cox, who recorded a 75 and when the final scores were tallied, both teams top four players' cumulative score was 317. The tie breakers was determined by the score of the fifth player. The Eagles Steven Schuman was edged by Gorham's Cam Stevens to give Gorham the State Title.

Earlier, Eagles coach Gerry Caron was named KVAC South coach of the year, a well deserved award.

The Eagles' Caleb Manuel, Cam Cox, and Cade Charron, all of whom had qualified earlier, will compete this upcoming weekend for the Individual State Championship.


Click here to see a season summary of each runners individual results.

Oct 1, 2016 - Tim Cox Plays the National Anthem Prior to Football Game vs Kennebunk

Ethan Minchin eases up after scoring his second TD
Ethan Minchin eases up after scoring his second TD - Photo courtesy Jason Eggleston

Oct 1, 2016 - Eagles Lose Heartbreaker to Kennebunk 24-21

Click here to view videos of Offensive and Defensive Hi-Lites vs Kennebunk

Kennebunk's Jared Dyer kicked a 31-yard field goal with five seconds on the clock to give the visiting Rams a 24-21 victory in one of the most exciting and well-played games in quite a while. The Eagles had rallied from a 21-13 deficit with a fourth quarter drive that covered 65 yards powered primarily by the arm of Jacob O'Neill as the Eagles went to a no huddle offense. The drive was kept alive when the refs awarded the Eagles a do-over on a fourth down play that the Eagles failed to convert because of an inadvertent whistle. The Eagles took advantage of the free play and Jacob O'Neill hit Ryan Mellow on a flag pattern for a 20-yard TD. The Eagles still trailed by two as they lined up for the two-point conversion. They flooded the zone and Jacob O'Neill rolled out and hit Mello for the conversion and a tie game.

The game started quietly with both teams perhaps lulled into contentedness after hearing the mellifluous notes of saxaphone Tim Cox's rendition of the National Anthem (video coming soon). Both teams were forced to punt on their first possessions. After another Eagle punt, the Rams drove inside the Eagles 30 only to turn the ball over on downs when Austin Damon, who had a monster game on defense and offense, made a couple of nice tackles including a sack. The Eagles took over on their own 28 and two Robert Hetherman runs produced a first down before the quarter ended in a scoreless tie.

Jacob O'Neill rolls out and fires
Jacob O'Neill rolls out and fires - Photo courtesy Jason Eggleston

Robert Hetherman ripped off another 10-yard run for another first down before penalties forced the Eagles into a fourth and long situation. Disaster struck when the long snap sailed over Jacob Karcher's head and set up the Rams with first down at the Eagles 38. The Rams collected a first down before the Eagles defense stepped up and forced the Rams to turn the ball over on downs. The Eagles offense sputtered and a Karcher punt landed on the Kennebunk 45 where the Rams took over. The Rams moved the ball to the 19 where they faced a 4th and 6 situation. As QB Tripp Bush rolled right with the offensive flow, he threw across the grain to a wide open receiver for a 19-yard TD. The PAT was good and the Rams led 7-0 at the half.

The Rams struck early to open the second half. They returned the kick-off to their own 41 and a couple of plays later Jake Littlefield scampered around end for a 43-yard TD run. The PAT made it 14-0. The teams then swapped punts on their next possessions. The Eagles then started their next drive on their own 45. A 12-yard hook up between the two Jakes (O'Neill to Steinman) moved the chains with a 12 yard pick-up to the Rams 43. On the next play Jacob O'Neill hit Ryan Mello over the middle. Ryan caught the ball in traffic and broke free for a 42-yard reception to the one yard line. It took four plays, but finally Ethan Minchin plunged in for the TD. Jake Karcher added the PAT and the Eagles trailed 14-7 with 4:40 left in the third quarter.

Robert Hetherman climbs the back of the receiver to break up the pass
Robert Hetherman climbs the back of the receiver to break up the pass - Photo courtesy Jason Eggleston

After the Eagles forced a Ram punt, they started on their own 41-yard line. Robert Hetherman hoofed it for ten yards and a first down. Next he picked up 33 yards and brought the ball inside the ten-yard line to the seven. Again, it took the Eagles four plays to punch it in, but Ethan Minchin received the pitch out and scored his second TD of the afternoon. The PAT missed and the Eagles trailed by one 14-13 with 1:19 remaining in the third quarter.

The Rams wasted no time coming back to pull ahead. A couple of nice runs by Rams back Patrick Saunders brought the ball inside the 20 to the 17-yard line. The the Rams dusted the cobwebs of the old playground hook and ladder play that they executed perfectly and resulted in a 17-yard TD with :08 left in the quarter. The PAT was good and the Rams led 21-13.

The Eagles defense was dominating in the final quarter and the offense picked up the pace taking to the air and using a no-huddle offense. Jacob O'Neill was spreading the ball around with completions to Jacob Steinman, Austin Damon, and Ryan Mello. The drive stalled momentarily at the Rams 20 until the referees gave the Eagles the aforementioned do over that led to Mello's 19-yard TD.

Robert Hetherman eats up some yards in classic form
Robert Hetherman eats up some yards in classic form - Photo courtesy Jason Eggleston

There was still plenty of time left. The Rams started on their own 38-yard line. The Eagles stuffed a reverse and had the Rams in a third and long situation. The Rams connected on a long pass (that was clearly offensive pass interference) that placed the ball on the Eagles 26. But the football gods atoned for the referee's missed call when the Rams fumbled a couple of plays later and the Eagles Dylan Schenck recovered. Once again the teams swapped punts.

The Eagles started on their own 19 with 2:21 left. Three plays later facing a fourth and four with 1:21 left on the clock, the Eagles were awarded a first down when Kennebunk was caught wuth too many players on the field. The Eagles were not content playing for the tie. But three incomplete passes took very few seconds off the clock and the Eagles were forced to punt. The Rams took over at the 48-yard line. After three Ram passes fell incomplete, they faced a 4th and 10. Another hook and ladder play picked up ten to the 38 with 19 seconds left. The Eagles then made a colossal mistake picking up an unsportsmanlike penalty for a borderline late hit. That moved the ball to the 14 with five seconds to play. It also stopped the clock and gave time to set up Jared Dyer's game winning kick.

Oct 1, 2016 - Offensive Hi-Lites vs Kennebunk

Oct 1, 2016 - Defensive Hi-Lites vs Kennebunk

Sept 30, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Boys Cross Country vs Brunswick, Morse by Greg Emerson

Sept 30, 2016 - Video Hi-Lites of Gilrs Cross Country vs Brunswick, Morse by Greg Emerson

Sept 30, 2016 - Girls Soccer Senior Night Video

Cam Cox, Steven Schuman, Jason Magno, and Caleb Manuel discuss their season and their playoff aspirations

Sept 16, 2016 Eagles Beat Rams 4-2 - Video Hi-Lites by Greg Emerson

Sept 13, 2016 - James Hutchinson Scores Winning Goal vs Brunswick

Sept 9, 2016 - Girls Soccer team Perform Pre-game Ritual

Nikki Bradstreet's Goal in Double Overtime Beat Lawrence 2-1

Sept 2, 2016 - Mt Ararat Cheerleaders Perform vs Noble

Aug 26, 2016 - Drive Out Cancer Tributes and Balloon Release Video

The Girls Field Hockey hosted the third annual Drive out Cancer tournament. It was the most successful yet. Seven teams participated including Morse, Boothbay, Freeport, Maranacook, Lincoln Academy, and Brunswick. Beyond a complete day of spirited play on the field, the teams partook in 'balloon release' to honor those who have fallen from this devastating disease.

Aug 26, 2016 - Team Rusty at the American Legion 5K race

Rusty Wilkins and his cousin James Anderson competed at the American Legion 5k road race.

Aug 24, 2016 - Media Night - Introducing the 2016 Football Team



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