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Late Breaking Scores

9/24/2016 - FIELD HOCKEY: MTA 1 - Brewer 0

Other Late Breaking Scores

9/23/2016 - GIRLS SOCCER: Lewiston 1 - MTA 0

9/23/2016 - FOOTBALL: Falmouth 22 - MTA 6

Cole Guerin heads the ball out of traffic
Cole Guerin heads the ball out of traffic

Sept 23, 2016 - Eagles Upset Blue Devils 2-1

Nick Merrill headed in a goal in the first half and James Hutchinson blasted a shot off the fingertips of the Lewiston keeper in the second half to propel the Eagles past Lewiston 2-1. Gavin Patterson made several big saves, but none more spectacular and important than the sprawling save with two seconds left that many fans might have missed because they were celebrating a bit prematurely.

This was the epitome of a team effort. It might not have been as dominating as the Patriots thrashing of the Texans the night before, but the effort in all phases of the game was just as complete and just as satisfying. The Eagles gave 100% from the opening whistle and they never slowed down. Coach Rioux kept fresh legs in the game with liberal and timely substitutions. It's always rewarding to the players to have a coach display such confidence in his entire line-up to step up and do the job. The Eagles excelled in all phases of the game, but special credit has to go to the defensive members Nick Merrill, Cole Guerin, Jake Sturgess and Dalton Streeter, who played aggressively and intelligently and provided a invisible shield in front of keeper Gavin Patterson against a talented and high-scoring Lewiston offensive machine.

Jimmy Pelletier lines up his shot
Jimmy Pelletier lines up his shot

The undefeated Lewiston Blue Devils entered the game ranked second in the byzantine Heal Point standings, a system that is only slightly less complicated than the Periodic Table of Elements. The Eagles were riding a five game winning streak, but most of those victories were against the Sisters of the Poor. The win vaulted the Eagles over the Blue Devils into third place in the Heal Point standings.

The Eagles spread their wings early and had the territorial advantage. Some hustling play led to Dalton Streeter throw-in that created a scoring opportunity five minutes in. At the 31-minute mark, Travis Nadeau collected a Jacob Sturgess header at midfield. Travis headmanned a ball that Kyle Brown raced toward in front of the net, but he was barely beaten to the ball by Lewiston keeper Alex Rivet. At 29:24, the Eagles hit pay dirt with a play that seems to be happening regularly now a days. Assaultin' Dalton Streeter heaved another of his monster throw-ins to the front of the net and Nick Merrill rose to the occasion and headed the ball past Rivet to give the Eagles a relatively early 1-0 lead.

Lewiston came back with a more determined offensive onslaught. It was important that the Eagles not allow the Blue Devils to get back in the game immediately. And they didn't, as the Eagles defense swarmed the Lewiston attackers and weren't allowing any significant penetration or threatening shots. Lewiston was assessed a yellow card on a accidental bump collision with keeper Gavin Patterson for which I award him an Academy Award nomination. Half way through the half, another Streeter heater throw-in was headed by James Hutchinson high over the cross bar. Lewiston turned up the heat controlling the play for the last 10 minutes of the half, but the Eagles collapsing mid-fielders and pressing defense rushed the Lewiston shots (Lewiston had trouble shooting on net all night long) and when they did get through, Gavin Patterson made the saves. The half ended with the Eagles leading 1-0 and were not showing any signs of imploding.

Battle of the Throw-ins

Dalton Streeter and Lewiston's designated thrower-inner engaged in a battle of throw-in excellence. The Lewiston player might have won on style points with his acrobatic throws, but Dalton Streeter's length and, more importantly accuracy, won the day.

Dalton Streeter heads the ball away from an open net
Dalton Streeter heads the ball away from an open net

In the second half, the Eagles came out strong. Jimmy Pelletier dribbled past two defenders down the middle and ripped a shot that Lewiston's Rivet made a nice save on. At the 37-minute mark, the Eagles had a great chance when Cole Kelly got his head on a direct kick and steered it just wide. Max Spelke, who played great two-way soccer in the midfield, sent a corner kick to Travis Nadeau, whose shot was deflected wide. Jimmy P lasered a hard shot that Rivet saved. Dalton Streeter continued to forge threatening throw-ins in front, but Lewiston's keeper Rivet stifled two chances when he corralled a couple of balls at the apex of his leap.

At the other end, Nick Merrill showed he can use his head on defense as well as offense when he soared above several Lewiston attackers to head a ball out of danger. Lewiston continued to pressure. After a Dalton Streeter throw-in was cleared, Lewiston quickly transitioned to offense, which is a beautiful thing to see. Even more beautiful was the way the Eagles defense was prepared. The defense collapsed on the lead attacker and forced the shot a little sooner than ideal and the resulting shot went wide. Lewiston continued to attack. At 21:13, Lewiston sent a width of the field crossing pass that connected with Maulid Abdow, who collected it full stride and blistered a tough angle shot just inside the far post to tie the game at 1-1. It was a beautiful soccer play executed perfectly and there's not much you can do to combat perfection.

Jacob Sturgess and Ethan Rac control at midfield
Jacob Sturgess and Ethan Rac control at midfield

Would the Eagles crumble. Au contraire, mon frère. Travis Nadeau came right back and lofted a high shot that looked like trouble, but landed harmlessly on the top of the net. With 16:30 left, Travis Nadeau was hauled down by a Lewiston defender. On the resulting indirect kick, Travis tapped the ball to James Hutchinson. James did not hesitate and he used his quick release to blast a shot toward the gaol. Lewiston's keeper Rivet dove, got his fingers on it, but the force of the velocity carried James's shot into the far corner for a 2-1 Eagles lead. Needless to say, the Eagles fans were ecstatic, but 16:30 is a long time and Lewiston intended to use it. They counter attacked immediately. The Eagles cleared after a some tense moments in front and later Cole Guerin made a timely clear to eliminate an imminent Lewiston attack. The Eagles had some offensive movement when a long pass just missed connecting with Travis Nadeau. But Lewiston transitioned right back and had their best chances of the night. Gavin Patterson came out of his net to try and break up a long Lewiston throw-in. The ball bounced to a Blue Devil forward who blasted a shot toward what appeared to be an empty net. But Dalton Streeter was positioned perfectly on the goal line and prevented the score with a header back into traffic. A Lewiston player pounced on the loose ball and drilled a shot off the cross bar and the Eagles lead was safe (for a while). As the clock continued to tick down, the Blue Devils continued to assert pressure, but the Eagles defense was resilient with Cole Guerin and Nick Merrill making some important clears and Gavin Patterson handling any shots that found their way through the defense.

Lewiston continued to play hard and their persistence almost paid off. While the Eagles fans counted down the clock in the closing seconds and perhaps were engaged in a celebration a tad pre-maturely, a Lewiston throw-in led to shot that was labeled for the far corner. Gavin Patterson was not celebrating just yet and his focus was completely on the ball. As the shot was released, Gavin dove to his right and made the save of the night (and maybe of the year) with tow seconds left to preserve the victory.

Lewiston was obviously keying on Travis Nadeau. On some loose balls, there were five Blue Devils fighting Travis for possession. Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly considering Travis' extensive bag of tricks), Travis was still winning 50% of these battles.

Memory Lane

It's been four years since the Eagles last beat the Blue Devils. In that game, Tee Chancherngpanich (who for obvious reason was always referred to simply as Tee) and Jason Tome scored for the Eagles and Gabe Pelletier was solid in goal as the Eagles won 2-1.


Sept 23, 2016 - Eagles Beat Oxford Hills - Finish Season Undefeated

The Eagles completed their regular season with a victory over Oxford Hills and prepare for the Playoffs.

Cam Cox, Steven Schuman, Jason Magno, and Caleb Manuel discuss their season and their playoff aspirations

Reese Turcotte winds up for a shot
Reese Turcotte winds up for a shot

Sept 20, 2016 - Eagles Blank Oxford Hills, 5-0

Isabel Burch scored 2 goals and Anna Manuel, Brennan Thiboutot, and Ryley Leach added one each as the Eagles soared past Oxford Hills. The Eagles dominated the game territorial throughout the game and when the Vikings did muster some offense, the Eagles Kate Guerin came up with the save.

The Eagles started the game with a bang (literally). In the opening minute, Reese Turcotte, who was showcasing her speed and flashy footwork all night, sped down the right side and banged a hard shot that dented the cross bar. Less than a minute later it was, as Yogi Berra would say, deja vu all over again. Anna Manuel, who along with Lauren Labbay had moved up to the mid-field from their normal defense position, drilled a shot that hit the cross bar. The soccer gods smiled upon Anna's shot and deflected it downward and into the net for a 1-0 lead.

Nikki Bradstreet invaded Viking territory with a couple of forays into the offensive end with a couple of threatening shots that were turned aside. Just inside the 30 minute mark, Lauren Labbay had a direct kick from the corner. She served up a perfect pass and Anna Manuel rose above the crowd and headed the ball just wide. Four minutes later, Lauren Labbay had another direct kick and again she placed it perfectly to the far post. Isabel Burch came crashing in on the fly and perfectly placed her header in the upper far corner to give the Eagles a 2-0 lead.

Kat MacDonald settles the ball
Kat MacDonald settles the ball

Lauren Labbay continued to create scoring opportunities when she was consistently intercepting Viking clearing attempts and quickly transitioning to offense. She authored a couple of aggressive shots that were saved by Oxford Hills keeper Emily Blackshaw. Nikki Bradstreet initiated two nice passing sequences that led to good shots. First, she headmanned the ball to Isabel Burch, who deftly dropped a pass to Chloe Beattie who skied a shot high, Next, Nikki was working in the corner and came away with the ball (as usual) and sent a pass to Reese Turcotte, whose quick release shot in a crowd was blocked in front.

The Vikings had a period where they controlled the ball, but there were no serious threats and Kate Guerin, fresh back from her California trip, easily handled the long shots. Back in the offensive end, Ashley Parker culminated some nice ball movement through the midfield by Anna Manuel and Kat MacDonald with a nice shot that was rejected by Blackshaw.

Around the six-minute mark, Oxford Hills had their best scoring opportunity, but Kate Guerin challenged the Vikings attacker and forced the shot wide. At the four minute mark, the Eagles threatened again when Anna Manuel sent a corner kick goalward and Jess Cloutier contorted her body to get her head on it and put it on net where Blackshaw made the save. With 53 seconds left in the half, Kate Guerin made an important save on a good scoring chance to keep the Eagle margin at two goals. A 2-0 lead is a lot better than a 2-1 lead heading into the second half.

Kaitlin Hutchins was stellar on defense all night
Kaitlin Hutchins was stellar on defense all night

In the opening minute of the first half, Brennan Thiboutot, who would make her mark later in the offensive end, stepped up to thwart an imminent Viking scoring opportunity with an alert clear. Lauren Labbay continued to operate in stealth mode (the girls were dressed in camo outfits at school) with another steal and she whistled a shot that sent Blackshaw sprawling, but she came up with the save.

At the 31:11 mark, the Eagles struck again. Nikki Bradstreet's work in the corner paid off, but Nikki paid the price. After Nikki centered the ball, she was flattened. When she looked up, she saw Isabel Burch collect the ball in front and poke it into the far corner. The Eagles led 3-0. A little over a minute later. Brennan Thiboutot looped an innocent looking drive from 40 yards out. The ball took a fortuitous bounce over the outstretched arms of Blackshaw and into the net. It was freshman's first goal of her varsity career. Chloe Beattie rolled up her sleeves and continued the attack with a long shot that was saved. Shannon Harty and Jess Cloutier applied some pressure. Shannon's hard shot was blocked and Jess raced to the front of the net as she, the ball, and the goalie all converged with Blackshaw making the save. Shannon Harty was involved in another nice play when she dropped a pass to Kaitlyn Cox who boomed a shot high.

With 7:04 remaining, Ryley Leech showed why I call her Big Foot. She raced down the left side and unleashed a laser that burned through the keeper's outstretched hands and caught the inside of the far post to make it 5-0. With four minutes left, the Eagles Emily McCracken and Mikala Dwelley hooked up on a nice play. Emily was hustling in front, took control in a crowd, and one-touched a pass to Mikala, who worked a give-and-go pass play back to Emily. Emily extended her leg to its fullest extent, but just missed knocking it home.

Once again, Coach Chard substituted liberally. I had 16 girls playing in the first half and everyone saw significant time in the second half. Heather Gallant, who continues to impress no matter where she plays, was solid on defense as well as stalwarts Kaitlyn Cox and Kaitlin Hutchins.


Sept 16, 2016 - Eagles Topple Gorham 19-7

Ryan Mello accounted for more than 200 yards of total offense, scoring two touchdowns: one on a 66-yard screen pass from Jacob O'Neill in the first quarter; and another on a five-yard plunge after he had broken free for a 75-yard gain to open the third quarter. Robert Hetherman scored the first TD of the game on a four yard run that completed a drive that was fueled primarily by the legs of Mello.

The score could have been much higher except for some costly mistakes that ended long Eagle drives. The Eagles also had a would be 21-yard TD pass from O'Neill to Jake Steinman called back for a penalty.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles played extremely well forcing several punts and taking over on downs several times.

Katherine Leckbee extends her lead as she nears the finish line
Katherine Leckbee extends her lead as she nears the finish line

Sept 14, 2016 - Boys 2nd, Girls 3rd at Mere Creek

Brunswick hosted the Eagles along with Morse and Camden Hills at the Mere Creek Golf Course. This is a new venue for Brunswick and it proved to be a fair course. Cam Meier and Eagen Eldridge finished 1-2 for the Boys and Katherine Leckbee finished first for the Girls. Overall, the Boys finished 2nd and the Girls finished 3rd.


It didn't take long for Cam Meier to get into shape. After missing the preseason due to work commitments, Cam appears to be ready for the remainder of the season with a first lace finish. Wingman Eagan Eldridge was riding Cam's coattails and ran a strong race to finish second. Freshman Lucas Bergeron continued to impress with a 7th place finish. Aaron Hyde (14) and Tyler Bernier (17) both ran sub 20 times and rounded out the scoring positions for the Eagles. Matt Donovan (26) and Josiah Langworthy (32) finished in the top 7 for the Eagles.


Katherine Leckbee showed no signs of slowing down as she cruised to a first place finish. Rebecca French, Sara York, and Katie Lynch were the next Eagles to cross the finish line, finishing 11th, 12th, and 15th respectively. Caitlin Chambers was the fifth Eagles finished in 26th place. Josie Miller (28) and Emily Smith (29) filled out the top 7 Eagles finishers.

Click here to see a season summary of each runners individual results.

Sept 16, 2016 Eagles Beat Rams 4-2 - Video Hi-Lites by Greg Emerson

Magan Thomas-Copland tricky dribbles down the field
Magan Thomas-Copland tricky dribbles down the field

Sept 15, 2016 Eagles Rally Past Bangor 3-2

After a scoreless first half, the Eagles overcame a 1-0 deficit in the second half on the strength of two goals by Magan Thomas-Copland and one by Wyley Fitzpatrick.

The game started with the Eagles threatening early. Fiona Huang kept the ball in the offensive end with a nice check and Magan Thomas-Copland (T-C) moves in for a quick shot that was saved. A few minutes later, Wyley Fitzpatrick raced down the sideline and moved in for a tough angle shot that skittered wide on the near side. The last 20 minutes of the half were mostly controlled by Bangor. They had seven penalty corners, but the Eagles defense of Laura Secone, Maddy Stover, Maia Carlson, and Thalia Couture limited Bangor's opportunities and kept the Rams off the board.

Wyley Fitzpatrick had the first opportunity in the second half. With five minutes elapsed, Wyley moved in and shot wide. After the Eagles defense cleared a couple more Rams penalty corners, Alana Weaver had a great shot that Bangor goalie Kahia Maheux kicked out. The Eagles kept the pressure on. Kayleigh Temple worked hard to gain control and worked her way in for a shot that was turned aside. Porter Galvin picked up the rebound and tried to poke it past Maheux, but she pushed it wide.

Sam Gonyea is ready to shoot
Sam Gonyea is ready to shoot

Bangor took advantage of defensive lapse and scored to make it 1-0 at the 15:32 mark. the Eagles didn't take long to respond. Just over a minute later, Maddy Stover gained control along the sideline, Katie Trebilcock kept it in and fed it to T-C. T-C muscled her way toward the goal and fired a shot that resulted in a resounding thud the way only a T-C shot does as it hit the backboard and tied the game for the Eagles. The Eagles kept the pressure on. T-C and Wyley hooked up again with Wyley getting off a hard shot in traffic on which Maheux made a sprawling save. T-C had another chance when she broke in, but again Maheux made the save.

Kayleigh Temple continued to dig in the corners and got the ball to Alana Weaver who made an elusive move along the endline before making a threatening centering pass. At the 8:34 mark, after T-C softened up the Rams goalie with a series of blasts, an opportunistic Wyley Fitzpatrick pounced on a loose ball and drilled it home to give the Eagles a 2-1 lead. The Eagles followed with a nice play that featured the passing of Sam Gonyea and Alana Weaver that resulted in another Wyley shot that went wide. At 6:02, the Eagles added an insurance goal (and they needed it). T-C intercepted a clearing pass, moved in, and picked her spot. She didn't miss and the Eagles led 3-1 with 6:02 left.

Bangor made it interesting with a goal with 3:30 left, but the Eagles took control the rest of the game. With 2 minutes left, Sam Gonyea and Caitlyn Witwicki both had whacks at the goal off a Fiona Huang feed. And in the closing seconds, T-C again worked it in setting up shots by Caitlin Witwicki and Carly Brillant.

It was a big win for the Eagles in their quest to make the playoffs.

Sept 13, 2016 - James Hutchinson Scores Winning Goal vs Brunswick

Sept 9, 2016 - Girls Soccer team Perform Pre-game Ritual

Nikki Bradstreet's Goal in Double Overtime Beat Lawrence 2-1

Sept 2, 2016 - Mt Ararat Cheerleaders Perform vs Noble

Aug 26, 2016 - Drive Out Cancer Tributes and Balloon Release Video

The Girls Field Hockey hosted the third annual Drive out Cancer tournament. It was the most successful yet. Seven teams participated including Morse, Boothbay, Freeport, Maranacook, Lincoln Academy, and Brunswick. Beyond a complete day of spirited play on the field, the teams partook in 'balloon release' to honor those who have fallen from this devastating disease.

Aug 26, 2016 - Team Rusty at the American Legion 5K race

Rusty Wilkins and his cousin James Anderson competed at the American Legion 5k road race.

Aug 24, 2016 - Media Night - Introducing the 2016 Football Team



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